Data and intelligence for
climate, carbon, and agriculture

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We provide exterpise at the intersection of climate, carbon, and agriculture.

We specialize in collection, transformation, and analysis of geosapatial data in agriculture and supply chains. This enables us to answer questions and provide insight requiring large-scale data processing using machine learning and modern statistical approaches.

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  • Climate risk assessments: Identify valuable parcels and evaluate your portfolio's resilience to climate risks.
  • Supply chain monitoring and verification: Ensure that your supply chain is meeting sustainability or regenerative targets.
  • Carbon monitoring and verification: How much carbon is your forestry project sequestering?
  • Eligibility assessments: Do you meet criteria for carbon registries or government programs?
  • Data consulting: Full stack data services to monitor and manage your assets. From data collection to automating insights of large scale problems with machine learning on geospatial data.

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